The CopyMaster: Oil Painting

Oil Painting Reproduction

Oil paint was first used by Indian and Chinese painters, between the fifth and tenth centuries, but did not become popular until about the fifteenth century. The early Renaissance period was defined as the “Golden Era” of painting. During this century, artists were able to develop a vibrant palette of oil paints from scratch, using techniques that provided a stage for the medium of oil painting to emerge. The goal for artists during the Renaissance period was to create realistic images, and emphasized the importance of painting whatever captured the artist's eye, especially human emotions. In other words, artists are those people who visually guide us through observations of our environment.

Oil painting reproductions are recreations of famous paintings, mostly on canvas. As seen on gallery walls at the most prestigious museums all over the world, masterpieces such as Man with a Pipe and Flower by Picasso, Starry Night by Van Gogh, or Water Lilies by Monet, are evidence that this medium has created the most significant impact on the development of painting as a visual art form.

Oil painting reproduction has been a growing business for a long time. Nothing can compare to the beauty that is reflected in the re-creation of an “original” oil painting by your favorite renowned artist, and these reproductions are museum quality paintings sold to art enthusiasts all over the world. While there are many ways to reproduce paintings, it takes a lot of research and time. Since the Renaissance, oil painting reproduction has come a long way. Artists today now have a wide variety of tools and materials at their disposal, to create inspired works of art.

Imagine for a moment an exquisite oil painting, portrait or reproduction of the work of your favorite world-renowned artists. Request a hand-painted Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir or Rembrandt to hang in the dining room of your home. You can have a landscape painted, or a portrait done of your beloved pet.

Call Bernie Pincus at (561) 988-8005 to request your magnificent original oil painting, waiting to fill up that space on your wall. See that special painting that you’ve always admired come to life before your eyes. For reference, have a look at these oil paintings recreated by the artist himself, by visiting the gallery.

If I can create your dream painting, call me direct at (561) 988-8005 or complete the contact form below.

If I can create your dream painting, call me direct at (561) 988-8005 or complete the contact form below.