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Art Reproduction

Art is defined as an aesthetic expression of ideas and feelings. In other words, art is the manifestation of human creativity, and the conscious use of a person’s imagination and ability. Art production is an artist’s creation and interpretation of paintings, sculptures, architecture, dance, music, poetry, or any object that requires great physical and critical thinking skills.

The history of art was developed in the Western world, and throughout the Renaissance period, which marked the period of European history at the close of the middle ages and the rise of the modern world. This era represented a cultural rebirth from the fourteenth through the middle of the seventeenth century. During this time, artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael developed techniques, studying light, shadow, and even human anatomy.

Some of the greatest artistic masterpieces of all time, such as the Sistine Chapel, the Mona Lisa, or The Last Supper tell the narrative of how art began. Today, a precedent has been set for artists and art enthusiasts around the world, by sharing and preserving this entire artistic legacy throughout history. These great artistic minds, along with evolving technology, has led the field of art to the exploration of different genres, creative styles, and manners of expression.

Anything can be art, as the field itself is subjective, and very much dependent upon an artist’s perspective. The definition of art is broad, and what may have once been seen as an artistic masterpiece is now understood as a philosophical, economic, social, and cultural illustration of the artist's view of the world.

Art is a skill, and its purpose is to narrate a story. If you have an artistic vision in mind for an original painting, such as landscapes, personal portraits or pets, a painting can be produced to your specifications. Even if you are motivated by the design and décor of a home or office space, whether for yourself or a loved one, art is a wonderful way to express yourself, all while having your memories turned into a permanent memento. Do you like a specific artist, style, or period of art, such as Abstract, Modern, Art Deco, or Pop Art? Call Bernie Pincus at (561) 988-8005 to express your artistic vision, and have it come to life. To view the artist’s original paintings, explore and visit the gallery.

If I can create your dream painting, call me direct at (561) 988-8005 or complete the contact form below.

If I can create your dream painting, call me direct at (561) 988-8005 or complete the contact form below.